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full-body Russian massage service

Russian spa world is situated in Mahipalpur Delhi that gives specially RUSSIAN MASSAGE SERVICE. Here a good transport facility is available.

The Aerocity metro station is also nearby 100 meters. As like, Walking distance.

The Delhi Gurgaon national highway NH8 is passing near the center.IGI Airport terminal 1,2and 3 is only 1km away from the spa center.

Gurgaon city center DLF mall is nearby 2 kilometers. In Aerocity, all 7-star hotels are situated. and the good shopping mall world mark 1,2and 3 is also only100 meters away.

Because the airport is very near. from aerocity. Overall hare All facilities are available for 24 hours.

It is a good location for a Massage Spa. and we serve 7 DAYS  24 hours.

Russian Massage Service is a symbol of good Massager. Because here many types of customer visit regularly. from Whole INDIA, AND some are foreign customers.

They are fully satisfied with our services. In other words, I have a total of five years’ experience, in this field.

I have good looking female staff therapists. and they give proper Massage, as your body requirements.

                                   Russian Massage Service

                                                 Russian spa world staff’s behaving is very good and mind-blowing.

we treat customers politely, this is the extra quality of our Massage center.

We select therapist staff after that two interviews physical and mental.for our center.

After passing the interview, Then we selected for Massage work, I have two types of staff mainly Indians and foreigners.

In Indian staff, I have a Punjabi girls therapist, a Bengali girls therapist, and local Delhi staff. or other southern states.LIKE Kashmiri Girl’s therapist.

For different types of massage, Different experts are from different states. and the foreigner staff is also from a different country.

as like-

⇒ Russian therapist

⇒ Turkish therapist

⇒ Ukrainian therapist

⇒ Uzbekistan therapist

⇒ Irani therapist

⇒ Thailand &viatnaam therapist

                                 The Russian Massage Service therapist





It looks like a baby doll. and so pretty. She is export in full body massage. All staff is experienced.
Overall they love a customer. Full body massage spa near me with extra service.Russian Massage Service

                                                    Turkish therapist

She is also a good therapist. and comes from Turkish. Similarly Exporting in dip tissue massage with extra services.
They give massage with his knee. After that customers feel relaxed for instance by taking this massage spa.

                                                     Ukrainian therapist

 She comes from a Ukrainian. healthy & heavy in body weight. she does not become tired to give a massage.
they give massage with a strong hand. therefore export in sports massage.

                                                  Uzbekistan therapies

 She is also good looking staff. And a more beautiful girl. looks pretty. they treat customers politely.
 gives full body massage with all extra services. And She is well maintained, by his massage instrument.
 They give a proper massage. related to body massage. Above she is export in the hot stone massage.

                                                    Irani girls therapies

She is also good staff, of our massage center. they come from Iran and serves in India. she is also exporting in a couple of massages.

                                                  Thailand girls therapist

massage spa center

massage spa center in Mahipalpur Delhi

She is export in that massage. because she comes from Thailand and maintained his traditions. she gives traditional Thai massage.

Thai aroma massage

Thai herbal massage

She is export in that spa near me with extra service. And she also speaks Hindi. all staff is trained by language experts.

and easily understand customer requirements and demands in your language.

she gives a message, as your needs.

                                    Russian Massage Service Spa Center

We used hygienic massage oil and shampoo. and it all is being purchased by a satisfying herbal brand.

In other words,

We are not used low costlier, or synthetic chemicalized oil, or shampoo. it is the specialty of our center.

Here the towel is also used white Colour. because the stain cannot be hidden in it. and it will be changed after every massage work.

A good sanitized massage bed is used, for Russian Massage Service due to COVID 19. and customers inter in my center after sanitized.

we have all kinds of massage oil here.

as like-

⇒ grape seeds oil
⇒ Sunflower oil
⇒ olive oil
⇒ Jasmin oil
⇒ almond oil
⇒ mustard oil
⇒ coconut oil

All massage oil used by customer choice, and diamonds.

We give customers wearing paint for the massage room. that made of soft paper and customers feel relaxed in this wear.

After that,

Here mineral water is used. for customer drinks and baths. and hot water is also available. for customers’ demands.

Overall, we can say that there is no spa massage center in Delhi. That compression with the Russian spa world.

Here 24 hours internet, And wi-fi facility available. the waiting room for customers waiting long and newspaper in different luggage. for entertainment, waiting time, and customers do not feel boring.

Or a large screen television is also performed in the waiting hall for customer entertainment.

In conclusion, “Russian spa world” all over, Delhi is the first spa center, that found many medals by the health ministry for his better work in this field. Russian Massage Service

for more details: call on +918434890786

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