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Relish in Nature’s Natural Gift

Our Wide Range of Full Body Massage Spa

Full body massage spa

Russian Message spa

1 Hour

Indian / Russian

price: 4999 / 7999/-

massage spa center

Russian Message spa

2 hour

Indian / Russian

Price 9999/ 13999

spa 1

Russian Message spa

4 hour

Indian / Russian

Price 11999/ 17999

Boost Yourself :-

Enjoy with a Modern Russian Full Body Massage Spa

Where nature meets bliss

Types of Full Body Massage Spa We Provide


Silver Full Body Massage Spa Pacage

₹4999 for One Hour[ind]

ONE HOUR MASSAGE-in this massage you take a massage and sawer or jacuzzi, you feel free from your stress, and the therapist gives all extra service.

this massage is provided for few relaxations from body stress or mind tension .this is started when you enter the massage room, after selection of types of massage or therapist.

this type of massage is mainly for the office worker .who want to relief by his whole day working tension or relief your body pain or boost your immunity system…………… 

Golden Full Body Massage Spa

₹9999 for Two HOURS[ind]

TWO HOURS MASSAGE -spa session is for two hours. massage is given by a particular Russian therapist who knows your body’s needs.

if you demand then the Indian therapist also gives this massage .jacuzzi or sawer is also included in this price. no, any other extra or hidden charges,

massage boost skin health and facilitates blood circulation, if any customer has no more time for daily massage than we suggest to take two hours massage package once a week for boos your immune system

Dimond Full Body Massage Spa

₹11999 for Six HOURS[ind]

SIX HOURS MASSAGE-this massage is for long time relaxation and this is over the whole night. customer choices therapist, we give all extra services.

people take this massage on holidays. if you want to improve circulation, increase joint flexibility or relieve migraine pain, relax muscles, reduce cramping then take this massage.

a good facility is available in the Russian spa world, you come and give me one chance of your satisfaction. we give guarantee you become our regular client, no any hidden charges.

The best Getaway

Feel tired you must come Russian Spa World For Full Body Massage Spa

Body message therapy1

Body Message Therapy

Body Massage Therapy:-Boost skin health or personality.relaxe from mental stress or office tension .body massage helps fight respiratory diseases.
Full body message1

Wellness Message

Wellness Massage:-We cover in this massage head and neck, shoulder and back, hand and arms, feet and legs, A-one therapy gives your proper massage

Enjoy with message1

Enjoy With Message

Enjoy With Massage:- Take body massage spa near me with extra any extra charges, you feel relaxed and enjoy traditional massage.

Relish in Nature’s Natural Gift

Our Experts









thai spa massage





Break From Routine

When you are tired of getting tired of your regular working and then you need a massage to reduce your stress and tension.


Improves Blood Circulation

You work continuously for several hours sitting on a chair, blood circulation becomes irregular. regulate this, the flow of oxygen to all the veins is necessary.


Deep Tissue Massage

You feel pain in the muscles of your back and feet, then you have to take a deep tissue massage if you are comfortable with the pain.


Manage Chronic Conditions

your body is suffering from pain, then massage therapy gives massage to relieve reduces the stress of the body.


Body Mind & Soul

Massage makes your body and mind feel relaxed and increases your ability to do your work non-stop. And you feel good.


Keeping Fit & Healthy

By taking regular massage, your body size is correct and the weight is also right and you feel refreshed.

Make an

Appointment For Full Body Massage Spa


Best Services

Open Hours

If you feel tired and stressed after a working day, we are happy to give you an enjoyable and healthy solution to find your balance again. take full body massage spa.

Russian style full body massage spa
    • 7 Days: 24 Hour
Indian Style Full Body Massage Spa
  • 7 Days: 24 Hour

The best Getaway

What People Say About Full Body Massage Spa

nakal se sabdhaan

milte julte naam pe nhi jana hai.

this is only one russian spa in mahipalpur delhi


real professional body massage spa center near me

russian spa world

Me with our friends visited mahipalpur Delhi for a week and decided to have a full body massage before our flight. We often go for a massage like twice a month and had a lot of massage throughout our life but the experience at Russian Spa World was the BEST.

The massage therapists were all exceptional. All I can say is WORLD CLASS.

A combination of Swedish and Javanese massage is perfect.

The staff is all very kind and friendly.

If you want to be pampered and experience an amazing massage then I recommend that this is the place to go.

ram Singh tomar

full body massage spa

I came to try out the foot massage as a walk-in customer. The therapist was adequate enough. I found the spa to be quite big with more than 10 rooms. The sales staff are very aggressive. I only wanted to have a foot massage done but she kept pushing me to add on scrub even when I already said no.

After the massage, I had to go through hearing quite a bit of pushy sales talk before I was able to leave. While I’m sure that they have a performance incentive commission tied to getting customers to sign on, it’s very annoying to be treated like a money tree. The more pushy the consultant is, the more unlikely that I’d agree to sign on.

I hope management looks into this matter. Thanks!

Rinku Joshi

body massage

The massage was average at best. Came with my wife. Sales manager super pushy- kept asking me to buy the package or add on services. Sickening. Stay away

sumit Goshwami

best massage spa

My back was in constant pain for a couple of days then I Found this place thru an app and was amazed by nita’s professionalism. She’s well trained and knows how to deal with stiff muscles. I have informed Nita about my aching body before the session starts. Ambiance is good, towels are clean.
I felt fresh and all loosen up after 1 hour of massage. Nita is the best asset of this spa. Will be back again because of her.

vicky sehrawat

There are many benefits of full-body massage Spa, when you come to the massage spa center, you will feel it and be sure that by taking full body massage,

your body feels fresh and your body’s stiffness and injury pain, it is all right. You live and you are refreshed from Mand, you work sitting in the office work, so you need to take full body massage once a week.

if you want, you can take it a little in the evening too, but not more than once in the week. You must be given this full body massage spa with Russian massage therapy,

which is given to you on every lesson of the rest of the body except special parts, because of this it is called full body massage.


Full Body Massage Spa
Full body massage is the massage that heals your body to reduce stress and provide calmness.

It is the ideal massage that people usually go for, but there are many variants of it. And all stand for different relaxation remedies. You may feel confused while choosing the right massage for you.

If you are feeling pain or have a higher stress level. Then you should definitely go for the full body massage this is the perfect medicine that you need at that time.

So, here you will get complete information with relevant resources.

In the full body massage spa, you get a complete massage from your head to your feet. The experts cover the full body to give you the perfect massage.

In detail, the massage parlor provides you the massage for your head, neck, shoulders, arms. Also, hands, the upper and lower part of your body, legs, and feet.

The authentic massage therapist never touches the private parts of the client. And never asks to expose those parts as well. They take care of the client’s personal zone.

For example, the professional can not touch the breasts of females. But if the client is comfortable, they can allow the massage therapists.

So that to give them complete relaxation with their beautiful hands and rest, you know.

Should you consult with the massage therapist before taking a massage?

Yes, this is a better choice. As you discuss with the massage therapist before taking the full body massage.

This is because or will help you to set up the limitation and inform him or her want you do not want to get massaged at all. Also, you will be able to express

where the massage therapist needs to focus more. This is also great if you want to enjoy a massage session with your massage therapist.

What are the types of full-body massage that you may choose from?

Hot stone therapy: If you want 100% natural massage therapy, then you can go with this massage. In hot stone massage therapy.

The hot stones take place on different parts of your body so that this can maximize the benefits of massage. This is an effective massage technique that relieves your muscles,

reduces pain. And also is beneficial in improving blood circulation in the body.

Swedish massage technique: The person who needs a higher level of oxygen in the blood. Also has to reduce the toxic from the body of that person,

then that person should get this message. This massage technique is beneficial in removing toxins. And increased the oxygen level with good blood circulation. Besides this,

it also removes the tension from your mind and makes you relaxed and calm.

Sports massage method: If your body needs more flexibility and good mobility. Then this message is for you only. In this massage, the massage therapist uses a heavy instrument.

That is used to give tissue and muscle massage. This massage is great for those who are injured because of an accident. Whether it happened while playing.

Deep tissue therapy: Deep tissue massage is a massage. That is useful in preventing sages on skins and recover skins in a short time.

This is a great massage to reduce the fat from the body and keep the body alive. In short, the massage therapist uses strokes and deep fingers to help you to reduce stress.

As this is a full-body massage, then you can wear undergarments during the massage session.

Balinese therapy: This is also a full-body massage. That allows you to get complete holistic treatment from the gorgeous massage therapist.

This is the message that allows your body to move without having a single pain. This is also helpful in making a better immune system and provides enhanced mobility to the body.

There are some stretching processes as well. During the massage, that is essential to provide a better flow of blood.

Chocolate massage therapy: In this massage, the chocolate applies to your whole body. By our beautiful massage therapist with her soft hands.

As the chocolate absorbs all the negativity from your mind. Also enhances the attractive look of your skin. This massage is for providing deep nourishment and dampening to your body.

After this massage, you look beautiful and seem a happy and positive person.

How do you feel after the full body massage?

You may think that why people take massage there are many advantages. That the people realize after the massage. Some of them we will discuss here.

Positive feeling:
The major reason is that people stay and think motivated after their massage session. As they got treatment by a massage therapist who satisfied them with her soft body.

The great substances are produced after the massage. That provides you a completely relaxed mind. That does not care about any negative thoughts and keeps your smile with positive vibes.

Blood circulation gets enhanced:
As per the massage study. It has been analyzed. That the person who has taken the message has better blood circulation than the ordinary one.

So, this removes the toxic and provides better blood flow in the body. Thus, your skin and muscles stay vibrant and young.

Improve the immunity of your body:
This is also proven by scientific research. That the person who has acquired a massage has a better immune system.

That is vital for protecting you from any type of disease. The reason being the massage therapy increases the white blood cells. Which fight from the negative substances.

You get a night of good sleep:
As we all know that a night of good sleep is essential to enjoy throughout the day. Whether you are working in the office or are at home.

You can only enjoy it if you are not feeling sleepy. After getting a full body massage, the person feels relaxed and gets a good sleep.


Russian Massage Spa Center

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